Lets talk about your beer brand……

I’m Justin Megna, and my background in brand marketing & management of craft beer is second to none. I have worked for three breweries as well as spending time with global beverage companies. I have a passion for making your brand connect with your bullseye consumer and to make it loved by your communities.

I’m not a large agency, instead merely a sole trader who works closely with some of the leading designers and creatives going around who love craft beer and want to seed, grow and collaborate on awesome brands.

If your brewery  needs a hand, you’ve come to the right place.



Whether your current brand needs a refresh, or you want to begin the process of what your brand stands for and you have grasped your "WHY", let's work out a brand personality and tone of voice. Everything from here will follow!


Your brand needs beautiful, simplistic, bold and clean packaging. It is the first experience most consumers will have with your brand, therefore you need to get it RIGHT. I work with some of Australia's best designers who have developed iconic craft beer brands


Everything from strategy & planning, analytics, mobile marketing, digital display, email marketing, SEO, pay-per-click, and much more. What ever you want to do in digital, let's talk


Your beer & brewery will need the socials. Let's talk on how we can get the best out of your brand across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more.....


Small tactical below the line (BTL) projects to increase your brand presence are a great way to improve your brand health and ultimately put $$ in the till. Conversely you may to go large with outdoor media, digital, videography, etc. Which ever direction you want to take, we can get the ball rolling!


The first step is often the hardest one. By defining your marketing strategy, you'll have a roadmap for success. Let's talk about your brand personality and tone of voice first, then move on to your goals as a business. This will be the foundation for success!



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